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El Catadral Trek
January 24-26, 2003

This three day trek was both close to town and spectacular! It's basically a walk around the back side of Catedral (Cathedral) so called because of it's many spire like points on the summit. There is a fabulous ski resort where the trek starts - Bariloche is actually more popular in the winter than the summer as it is the premier ski resort in Argentina.


The first day's walk wasn't too tough. It passed through this area, where there had been a fire, and now are lots of wildflowers.
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The obligatory photo of me looking stylish on the trail.
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This is refugio Frey at Laguna Tomcek. Although I camped in a small woods nearby, there's nothing like having a cold beer after the day's trek.
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Lago Tomcek.
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Their was a fair amount of walking on the snow near the peaks. Walking up snow on a 45-degree incline at the crest was kind of scary.
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One of many streams and waterfalls encountered on the trek. The water in Patagonia is safe to drink without filtering.
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Laguna Jakob. Can you see Refugio San Martin on the right side shore of the lake? I camped in the woods down there.
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There are lots of people to meet in the refugios.
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Some of the river crossings are not for the faint of heart.
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