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La Montaña Spanish School
January 6-31, 2003

I attended the Spanish School "La Montaña", located in Bariloche for four weeks. I'm really pleased with my progress. I can now converse with the locals and carry on basic conversations with confidence. As you can see from these photos, the students and teachers like to have fun!


This is the school building,located in the center of town.
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Some of the friendly "profesoras" on a school-sponsored pub outing.
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Laura, one of the profesoras, Ron, the owner of the school, and me.
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Students and teachers having fun.
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laura and I.
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Celebrating my "graduation" with a pizza lunch.
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Too bad the Chevy wouldn't start - we had to take the puegot on our tour of the lake.
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This is my second teacher, Gloria, having a mate.
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This is what a typical classroom looked like We posed this photo because I was helping the owner with his website.
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